Camp Counselor 101

Every year I have to field the question, “Why should I go to Camp Counselor training if I am never picked” or “Well I went to Camp Counselor training, when will someone call me?”  only to be disappointed by the beginning of the summer when one realizes that they will probably not be called.

Camp Neotez is a unique place in that it allows teenagers to serve as regular camp counselors.  This is not true of most camps.  That being said, there is an increased amount of expectation that directors have for the teenagers who they will need to depend on and work with.

I thought I would share some insight to being a director and some of the challenges I face as well as the expectations I have for my staff.  These are only my thoughts and they do not represent anyone from the Board or other directors.   That being said, it might help you to think through some of these things on a personal level.  I believe some of the points below will not only help you become a better prospective counselor, but a better student, a better employee and better person in general.

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