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Below is a note I sent to our parents about the following review of the Twilight Series books and movies. As the dad of 13 & 11 year old girls and a youth minister, I am really curious as to what your thoughts are. (make sure you read the review too).

The Source for Youth Ministry Twilight Review

my e-mail to parents:

Parents – Especially MOMS.

As Wade is sharing in his Sermon Series – “Going Against the Flow”, the flow of our culture is constantly pushing against us. As time passes the current gets stronger. Satan will have us think that being “worldly” is not so bad as long as “I can put it into context” and I don’t really do “those things”. Over and over again in scripture we are reminded that so much of our battle as Christians begins in the mind. If the Evil One can just get us to marginalize our thoughts, we become easy prey (1 Peter 5:8)

Several of you have shared your concerns with me so I have been trying to inform myself (and my family). Below is a review of the most recent pop-culture rave concerning the Twilight Series books and now the movie that is coming out next week. The line in the review that grabs my attention is “Even though the Mormon author doesn’t allow Edward and Bella to have sex before marriage, she may be a bit naïve about what tends to happen when passionate teenagers get alone in a field. From the preview, the movie seems to take it a step further. In one clip, Bella is seen in her underwear kissing Edward in the bedroom. As a parent, how would you react to this reality?”

As a parent, you will have to decide if this is a cue from culture you are willing for your daughters (and sons) to take into her (his) mind. I find that the more information I have when making a decision, the better decision I can make. I hope you will take the 5 minutes it takes to read this review, to better inform yourself so that no matter what decision you make, it’s made on your principles and not what culture says is the norm.

Eph 5:3

Because of the Cross,